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Birthdate:Apr 27
Location:Michigan, United States of America
I have come here in a tiny life raft from Live Journal on a mission to establish another foothold for my journal in case the Russians over at LJ decide to let that place go tits up and it becomes a miasma of perpetual DDOS attacks and home cooks blogging about their latest crock pot whiskey chicken recipes. I plan to journal about whatever comes into my pointy little head. Not much politics because my views aren't extraordinary and I find most of it to be terribly boring to read, so I won't be sharing my political outrage or approvals very much. I like Pop Culture. All of it. Everywhere. And that's where I'll be coming from. Movies, Art, Music, Daily life. And stuff that I am doing because I am fascinating. At least to myself, I am. I will keep my circle of Dreamwidth friends fairly small - this isn't Facebook and I'm not looking to build some sort of following. I'll just do what I do and if you like it, shoot me a request or whatever and I'll add you to the mix. Or not.
So yeah. Here we go...

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a life without reading is not a life., a roomful, bars, being a smart ass, cartoons, champagne, cheese, collecting vinyl records, cooking, craft beer, downloading apps, eating carbs, every house should have books on a shelf, everyone should have a cat and/or a dog, for a guy, german shepard, going on jags, i have a near critical mass of cats, i love movies, i'm too old to be walking, in sub-zero temps, internets, japanese culture, like a, like some, listen to it all, listening to music, love a few, loves, of smoked hams, pens, photography, posters, presently i am dogless, readers under the roof, reading, roaming museums, salty snacks, sanity, scifi, shopping, sitting quietly, someone around the park, staring at nothing, stumbling through art galleries, the occassional cigar, them a lot, there are 2, they are essential to my household, they will be replaced, trivia, tv, video, watches, when they pass, which is fine, will fight to the death for my favorites, writing
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